Receta de Croquetas de Bacalao - Salt Cod Croquettes Recipe

Bacalao, or salt cod, is popular throughout Spain. those tasty croquetas have a crisp shell and creamy indoors, an ideal tapa with a glass of wine or beer. los angeles Tienda offers desalted bacalao portions best for this recipe.


  •  4tbsp Spanish extra virgin olive oil
  •  4tbsp butter
  • 2cups flour
  • ¼ cup cornstarch
  •  1quart milk
  •  250grams Salt cod, diced (cod should be desalted)
  •   1tsp oregano
  •  1tsp salt
  •  zest of 1 lime
  • 1onion, diced
  •  4eggs
  •  2cups flour
  • 3cups bread crumbs
  • Frying oil
  •  Pastry bag
  •  Alioli sauce


  1. In a small bowl, blend the cornstarch in ¾ cup of the milk and set apart.
  2. put together a baking sheet tray with at least a one inch edge. A cookie sheet works excellent.
  3. In a saucepan, heat the milk with oregano and zest of lime and set aside or maintain on low warmth until needed.
  4. heat a medium sized pot over med-low warmth, upload the butter and olive oil and sauté the onions until smooth and translucent. add cod and lightly sauté 1-2 mins.
  5. add the flour to the pot and mix to shape a roux. Pour the milk slowly and mix with a whisk. add the cornstarch aggregate. mix nicely and cook over low heat for 5 minutes. Then pour onto the baking sheet tray and spread it out frivolously. let cool for one hour, exposed.
  6. Fill a pastry bag with the cooled aggregate and cut off the end of the bag to make a 1 inch hole. put together your 2nd sheet tray with about ½ inch layer of flour. Pipe a long tube of aggregate onto the tray and continue until you have got piped all the aggregate onto the tray and you've got about 5-6 tubes.
  7. reduce into 2-3 inch logs and dredge well in flour on all sides. In a shallow dish, beat the eggs with a touch water and unfold breadcrumbs on a cookie sheet or shallow dish. Dredge every croquette inside the egg aggregate, then the breadcrumbs and place on a smooth tray.
  8. Fill a heavy pot with sufficient frying oil to be 2-three inches deep. heat to 350 F and fry until golden brown on every side. Serve warm with alioli sauce.

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