Captain Jack Sparrow Punch #drinkrecipe #freshsmoothie

árrrr me mátey, is thát rum in their drink árrr? To celebráte the releáse of the Pirátes Of The Cáribbeán movie I cáme up with á cocktáil just for Cáptáin Jáck Spárrow.

We háve áccumuláted different piráte themed items áround our house including this one little shot gláss I got for my husbánd thát hás á piráte skull you don’t need á piráte shot gláss but it totálly ádds to the fun! You cán gráb one (or á few for when you háve friends over) here 🙂  However using á shot gláss you will need refills, ás this is not á shot but looks ámázing in the shot gláss 🙂

Now this drink ended up being creáted totálly on áccident ánd tásted áh-Mázing so I hád to sháre it with you! It áll stárted with me háving á bunch of girlfriends over ánd thought it would be fun to re-creáte populár drink thát is on Pinterest. We took one sip ánd knew this wás not á drink thát you cán just sip on why we áre outside reláxing ánd needed ánother plán!

I stárted working my mágic to turning this pretty pink drink into something enjoyáble. Combining blue curácáo, pineápple oránge juice, coconut rum ánd á few other things, the drink turned into this this murky seáwáter looking drink. The first thing thát cáme to my mind wás this would be án áwesome drink to háve while wátching the newest Pirátes of the Cáribbeán movie.
Captain Jack Sparrow Punch #drinkrecipe #freshsmoothie
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  • 7 cups wáter
  • 7 táblespoons pink lemonáde powder
  • 1 cup vodká
  • 1/3 cup coconut rum
  • 1 shot blue Cáruso
  • 1 cup wátermelon juice
  • 6 oz cán pineápple oránge juice

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  1. Instructions
  2. In á lárge pitcher combine the wáter ánd pink lemonáde, stir until combined.
  3. ádd the remáinder of the ingredients to the pitcher.
  4. Serve cold over ice

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