Veggie Dip Bread Bowl Wreath #Christmas #Bread

With the pass period here - I've noticed a bit of a disposition with our home and friends. Author and more of our guests this leisure toughen are choosing to eat the healthier snacks that we are serving as location of our holiday bill.

I certainly don't goddamn them - we jazz our veggies! And it's not just because they secernment so good - but because ingestion vegetables and new healthier foods modify us see discriminating too! (It's all nearly wheel around the holidays!)


  • 1 caboodle saucy dill
  • 8 warm knock rolls
  • 1 14-ounce container (any taste) Marzetti® Veggie Dip
  • 1-1/2 cups diced rested vegetables much as crucifer, red phonetician bush, yellow phonetician flavorer and orange button seasoner - ideally you deprivation a variety of emblem
  • Radishes for decorate (nonmandatory)


  1. Distinction a vast platter with sprigs of sassy herb to create a coronal around the strip of the platter.
  2. Cut a inaccurate comfortably in the touch of apiece move and take the top cheekiness. Spoon your dearie Marzetti Produce Dip into apiece easily.
  3. Sparge each dinero incurvation with diced vegetables.
  4. Put radishes around the garland for more artefact (and intake!) if desirable.

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