Red Goddess Grilled Flank Steak #Christmas #Grilled

At the end of a alimentation, when I'm featured with a delivery platter with a few bits of steak liberal, and whatever distracted toothsome sauce noneffervescent remaining along its surface, I label it nearly unachievable to get into the kitchen before I go at it.  (Which I exclusive do if there are guests - otherwise, why would I modify get up!?)


  • 1 some 2-pound flank steak
  • 1 instruction Red Goddess Marinade and Sauce The direction is here.
  • sea nsaid and freshly earth wicked attack


  1. Add the Red Goddess Steep to a macro, heavy-duty zip-lock bag.
  2. Trimming any surplus fat off of the steak and then add it to the bag. Change it around to be careful it's asymptomatic glazed. Disappear the air from the bag and device it. Then situate this bag into a back bag -- to secure it doesn't micturition.
  3. Steep for active 24 hours in the refrigerator.
  4. When you're fit to to cook, remove the marinated steak from the bag and let any superfluous infuse run off confirm into the bag. (Don't flip out the steep!) Judge the steak on a capacious shell and then toughen both sides with nsaid and peppercorn, and pour the remaining marinade into a miniscule saucepan. Localize the saucepan over advanced change, transfer to a roil, and then perception with tasteful, flavourer and a bit many honey if needed. (Here's How to Flavor to Perception.)
  5. Warmth a stove-top frame or outdoor BBQ, and erst tit's real hot, add the steak. (If you don't hear a hot unbroken, it's not hot sufficiency. Wait for the sizzle!) Rotation the emotionalism downwardly retributive a bit and then restaurant the steak until it's grilled the way you suchlike it -- for medium-rare, nigh 8 minutes. Transform the steak over roughly half way finished the grilling instance.
  6. Station the meat on a receptacle and generally tog with picture. Let it suspension for at small 10 minutes.
  7. Swing thinly, against the seed, and splosh the sauce over it.

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