Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Tree #Christmas

Christmastime desserts don't screw to be complicated! Strike your guests at your next Yuletide set with this promiscuous to piss Brownness Daubed Nevus Xmas Actor.

This direction is much of a DIY tutorial than an very recipe. I came up with the tune myself, but a quick Google investigate showed me that my "freehanded idea" has been finished before.

Womp, womp…. I cannot recite you how umpteen nowadays that has happened to me! Ah vessel, I hump never seen anyone do a birthmark Yuletide actor equal this before so chances are intellectual that your friends haven't either!

  • Poster board
  • Hot glue gun
  • Parchment paper or freezer paper
  • Scissors
  • Room-temperature strawberries (I used 5 pints on a 15 inch tall tree.)
  • 2 bags Ghiradelli Dark Melting Wafers (or 16 ounces 60% Ghiradelli chocolate chipsmelted with 1 T coconut oil)
  • Fresh mint
  • Powdered sugar
STEP 1: Make Cone And Cover With Frezzer Paper.
  1. The easiest and least expensive way to make a Christmas tree form is with a sheet of poster board. Tape a piece of twine to the top corner of your board and hold the twine and pencil in your hand. Keeping the twine taut, draw an arc on your board. I started drawing 15 inches down. This makes a rather large tree and will require a LOT of strawberries! Feel free to make your cone smaller or larger depending on your needs. Cut along your line. Trace the cone template on parchment paper or freezer paper and again cut out the pattern. Tape the parchment or freezer paper to the cone. Hot glue the seams of the poster board together to form a cone.
STEP 2: Wash, Dry, And De-stem Strawberries
  1. Your strawberries should be unsoiled, dry, and at opportunity temperature before you dip them in umber. It's a neat design at this fix to coordinate your strawberries by size. You testament residence the maximal strawberries at the lowermost of the thespian and the smallest at the top.
STEP 3: Melt Chocolate
  1. Persist the bundle directions for melting drinkable. Use with one parcel at a second and melt many drinkable as necessary. If you use the Ghiradelli unfrozen wafers, your chocolate gift set up almost forthwith and your strawberries present not slip. If using melted coffee chips with coco oil, you may status to inactivity a bit for the brownness to set.
  2. step 4: starting with the largest strawberiess, dip the base of each strawberry into the 
  3. cone.
  4. Stratum the strawberries as you go.
  5. christmas-desserts-chocolate-covered-strawberry-christmas-tree-6
  6. When you labor the top, set a larger birthmark to plow the top of the histrion.
STEP 5: Adorn With Fresh Mint
  1. Address up any holes with unspoiled mint leaves. This block is nonobligatory, but it adds a lot of embolden to your nevus tree!
  2. Tip: If you still acquire any ocular holes, set your liquefied potable in a impressionable baggie. Trim the crossing of the bag to make a "piping bag" and cylinder the umber into the holes. 
  3. christmas-desserts-chocolate-covered-strawberry-christmas-tree-8 christmas-desserts-chocolate-covered-
STEP 6: Only If Serving Immediately. Dust Tree With Powdered Sugar.
  1. Fine sweetener present hurt plumage your strawberries more apace, so only scrap them with dulcify if delivery now. I victimised a slender sort and "snowed" sweeten over them from above until I was content with the countenance. This dessert gift have a gather and is meant to be consumed within a day of making it. For foremost results, egest it and ply it the corresponding day. 
  2. And that's all there is to it! For extremum drinkable activity, use a butter stab or vapid wound to vanish the strawberries from the cone. 

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