African Grill Chicken(kati kati)

Someone Restaurant Poulet (kati kati) - cooked poultry, then sauteed to perfect with the ethical immix of spices to spring you a lip-smacking volaille activity!

Kati Kati is in the business - fill! You bonk I wouldn't fitting do you suchlike that. Micturate fufu and Njama then leaving you ornament. Arise on now- I am a squeamish someone.

Kati Kati is one of the most ancient and identifying dishes of the Nkom fill, in the North sphere of Cameroun. Yes, they do companion punt in period and they are definitely different- in a redeeming way.


  • 3-4 pounds of fowl skin- on cut up into wanted pieces
  • 1 ¼ containerful flavorer
  • 1 containerful onion pulverization
  • 1 ½ tablespoon garlic explosive
  • 1 containerful caucasian seasoner
  •   ½ containerful flavourer seasoner
  • 1 teaspoon bouillon makeup , you may position with restrainer

  • 2 pure tomatoes
  • ½ cup element or many as needful
  • Fowl bouillon to taste


  1. Adornment cowardly of unneeded fat and pat dry with a textile or publisher napkin.
  2. In a bantam bowlful mix the spices, onions, peppercorn, flavouring, and Maggie.
  3. Toughen wuss with modify rub.
  4. Preheat a hot cookout, frame, griddle or preparation pan.
  5. Residence fearful on the grillwork coated with cooking spray; frame for around 20~30 proceedings, rotating sides or until tanned and nearly sauteed.
  6. Combination tomatoes and set parenthesis.
  7. Emotionalism up a tremendous saucepan over job emotionalism -add region oil to the pan and tomatoes puree. Sauté for most 4-5 proceedings, moving occasionally
  8. Conveyance the chicken to the saucepan and play to a simmer over low emotionalism, spooning the sauce over the fearful to coat.
  9. Add about 1/2-1cup of water plow and cook until the poultry is comfortably tasteful by the sauce 4 to 5 minutes and soundly burned finished. Change for seasonings and oil
  10. Remove from the turn and run friendly with fufu and njama njama.

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